Benefits of wired network without the wire

Wired networks give super fast data speeds and create 0 deadzones, but wires lying around your house can look ugly.

Wireless routers are great for home aesthetics, but they can create deadzones.

Sif transfers router signals through the existing electrical wiring setup of your home or office.

Either go through all these impractical steps for a frustrating solution

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    Break the walls

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    Run Ethernet all over the home

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    Buy boosters and be frustrated

Existing wifi problems

Or Buy our product

Sif devices - Solution to your wifi problems


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Sif Pro
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Sif Pro +


Booster for big home

Smarthome Hub (connects new smart device like smart lights, etc)

Smartplug benefits (brings existing dumb devices like geyser, room heater or AC on app)

Optimized for Zoom, Google Classroom, Online Games,150 other apps

Data Speed

Fastest(Upto 1GB/sec)

Fastest(Upto 1GB/sec)

Eliminates Dead Sports

One touch Setup & Configuration

Recommended for

3 BHK+

3 BHK+

Technologies Inbuilt

Powerline Modem +
Multiprotocol Radios

Powerline Modem +
Multiprotocol Radios


$ 39.99

$ 89.99




Smart app its so simple our mothers could use it.

Sif App - Onboarding and Family Dashboard management features


Easily invite or add other members via smart app

Family Dashboard

Check how many devices are connected and split bandwidth accordingly

Parental Controls

Filter content and block unsafe sites to help keep your family safe

Smarthome Ready

Connect appliances, set schedules and use automations

Sif App - Parental Controls and manage devices features
Sif App - Security Features


World class Work From Home WiFi controls including remote management, VPNs and other security software to free you and your office from the stress of installing and maintaining VPNs