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Works with your existing router, no need to change your Internet Provider, just plug it in and get online

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Sif to solve Wifi problems at home

Sif uses multi protocol radios and powerline modems to create an extremely reliable home WiFi network. Unlike a traditional router/booster which can leave some parts of the home out of WiFi’s reach. Sif is the real deal, it uses the already existing electrical wiring to send connection to far ends of your home

Single Plug, Multiple Benefits

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Brings old
appliances to life
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Works as WiFi router
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Works as a WiFi booster
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Network security subscription
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Electricity savings
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Plug & play

Installing Sif can be as simple as plugging a charger

Sif devices always come in a pair

A fixed end connects to your router and a portable end which can be used in any room of your home

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Fixed Node

Fixed end that connects to your router with wire and goes in a power socket. This device packs all the electronics to take your router signal and send it over your home’s electrical wiring

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Sif powerline adapter
Sif Smartplug
Portable Node

Portable end that connects to any power socket into your home. It catches signal sent over electrical wiring by the fixed node. It creates WiFi hotspot for connecting your devices to better WiFi

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Some Questions deserve your

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Difference between Powerline Technology and Mesh Technology?
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Powerline technology uses the existing electrical wiring of your house as a medium to transfer data signals while Mesh technology uses air as the medium to transfer data signals from one device to another.
Therefore, Powerline routers result in a lesser data loss while transmission and give you the speed you deserve.

Can Powerline adapters work if they are separated by different electric circuits?
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No, if they are separated by different electric circuits, they won't be able to communicate with each other and hence, won't work.

Are powerline ethernet adapters better than WiFi for gaming?
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Powerline is better than WiFi for gaming because it is not the mbps that is important but the ping/latency is important as well. Your powerline adapter will average ping at around 5–7ms while a good WiFi connection will avarage 20–30

How many powerline adapters need to be plugged into the main router if several powerline units work in the same network?
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We need to have only one of the powerline adapters plugged into the main router even though several powerline units work in the same network

Can I plug a powerline adapter into an UPS/extension cord?
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Yes, Powerline adapters can work when plugged into an extension leads, but they will not perform as well as if they were plugged directly into a mains power outlet.Some extension leads with filtering built-in can block the powerline signal altogether, though.

Can SIf connect to my existing router?
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Yes, it very well does. All you need is a ethernet cable to connect your router with the Sif adapter and you're connected to the internet.

How much wifi speed (definite)  to be expected ( Range)?
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Sif adapter uses Powerline technology and it has little to no data loss while transmitting data. So, you get the speed which your Internet service provider provides you. Also, Sif covers a approximate range of 1200 sq. ft.

Will it work in a standard Indian electrical set-up?
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Our typical Indian electrical set up consists of copper wiring throughout our houses. Sif adapters are built to transmit signals through copper wires efficiently.

Do we need to buy more than one Sif device?
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If you have a house of more than 4 rooms (more than 1200 sq ft), then we recommend getting an additional booster.

Can I get a free trial?
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Yes. We provide free smarthome experience for 1 week per user per device.