7 Things to Consider When Buying a WiFi Extender

The kids are finally down to do some schoolwork, and you're now focused to check your emails and cross some work off your list. But then the website starts buffering endlessly…

First thing's first — don't panic! There is a good chance that it may all be because of connection issues in different areas around the house. WiFi extenders can take those connectivity problems from dreadful levels back up to optimum ones! In this article, we take a look at various WiFi extenders that are right for you, depending on what type of coverage you need.

Things to consider when buying a wifi extender

What is a WiFi Extender?

WiFi extenders are devices that take the wireless signal from your router and broadcast it in a different direction. A WiFi range extender typically has one job: amplify the existing internet connection so that more devices can access it simultaneously with minimal degradation in performance.

WiFi extenders and WiFi repeaters all essentially solve the same purpose but work in different ways.

WiFi extender: This device grabs the existing wireless signal and re-broadcasts it on a different channel. There's a lower chance of interference making for a strong WiFi connection in other areas of the home.

WiFi repeater: These first-generation extenders work the same way, but since they connect to your router wirelessly with a frequency that is identical to the one which already exists, you'll only get half the bandwidth available, resulting in higher latency.

It is important to note that the WiFi booster is just another name for all WiFi extenders and WiFi repeaters.

7 Things to consider when purchasing a WiFi extender

1. Separate SSID

A common mistake when setting up an extender is giving the extended network the same SSID as your main network. Some devices move smoothly between primary and extended networks, properly choosing the connection that provides the best performance. But most wireless products are not smart enough and stubbornly stay connected to the first access point they see, so you'll want an Extender with a different SSID for your extended network.

2. Parental Control

The wireless extender you choose can ensure that your kids are safe and on their best behavior when they go online. You'll be able to create a separate Guest network with its own password, so there's no risk of them accessing the main Internet connection, which is created by your router wirelessly or not. This means keeping track of two sets of passwords instead of just one - but it could easily save you time and stress as far as managing screen-time goes!

3. Frequency Band

WiFi extenders come in single-, double-, or triple-band frequencies. If you sign up for the best internet package, but your signal strength sucks due to all of those pesky devices on your network sucking power from its limited bandwidth, then a dual-band router is worth checking out—it can run at either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz and increase speeds accordingly based on which device you're using! But if that still doesn't do enough to fix things completely (and let's be honest--you need more than just fast downloads), there are some really high-end routers with three bands available now, too - this way, they don't have anything else eating into their performance!

4. Range Coverage

WiFi booster kits can extend your range anywhere. For instance, Sif can cover a total of 5000 square feet and across multiple floors. Just think about where throughout your space needs better reception - like near that pesky TV room window all alone at the opposite end of the hall from the router? And then decide how close is too far when placing an extender (in between these two locations).

5. Uses Latest Technology

A mesh system aims to use two or three routers that link together to create an extensive WiFi network that covers your entire home. However, there can still be walls that block the WiFi signal, resulting in low bandwidth for some areas in your home.

Sif's powerline technology, on the other hand, is a more targeted solution as it focuses on extending your existing WiFi network through dead areas which may be away from the router or have their signals blocked off by walls. It seamlessly transfers data signals from one device to another through the electrical wirings of your house and so wherever you need it, just plug it in your socket and you're online.

6. Smart and Wireless

Imagine a world where your smart and wireless network solution gives you easy accessibility to the new generation of home devices. Furthermore, What if you can move around with your wifi network wherever you are in the house! Just plug it in your nearest outlet and you have strong internet right there! You can use Sif's Smart App with its WiFi connection, all while having access to any device in your house! What is even better than that? Sif Pro+ will give non-smart gadgets wired power connectivity as well for online capabilities never before known to mankind!

7. Gives Additional Benefits

Finally, your WiFi extender should make your life easier and give you more than just helping your network perform better. Sif is the perfect solution to your home's WiFi woes. Sif devices come in two nodes: a fixed node and a portable one, which are both simultaneously plug-and-play!

The fixed node fixed node connects with the router with a data cable and sends wireless signals through your electrical wiring that can't be reached by any other means of connection (including wires). You can then connect another device anywhere else on the same circuit where you need better signal strength - like outback or upstairs, for instance. With this setup, it gives you mobility between rooms without having to run cables everywhere while still providing strong coverage across all areas of the house.

The Bottom Line

Want to know how you can get WiFi that is reliable and offers a consistent connection? You need the Sif app. With more than 25,000 users already on board with this company, it's time for you to find out what all of the fuss is about. Stop fighting against your network! Join today and experience life without those frustrating dead zones in your home or office again.

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