The Gaming Wi-Fi router you need: Now Play Online Games Seamlessly Without Losing Connection

Are you an avid gamer? Have you been experiencing connectivity issues with your gaming WiFi router? When you're gaming, there's nothing worse than losing connection. Let's say that you are working on a strategy for online multiplayer game domination. But if your game lags or freezes, either because your internet speed is lacking or because your roommate or family member is creating network interference by streaming movies, your gaming mission is bound to fail.

Whether you are playing Minecraft, Fortnite, or Call of Duty on your PS4, Xbox, etc., it can be a major distraction when your WiFi router is having problems and your game keeps reloading or disconnects altogether. In this article, we share experiences of why the internet plays a crucial role in online games, some possible reasons for such an internet lag, and a solution that solves all your problems.

Problems faced due to internet lags

1. Delay in watching your action on-screen

Ask a gamer how they would like to spend their day, and 9/10 times you would hear them say that they would want to sit back and kill a flock of hungry zombies, have FIFA duels, etc. Gamers love games that are built around a compelling storyline with hidden treasures, bounties, and a thrilling finale.

Girl playing a game

Let's say your gaming character is trying to survive in the game 'The Evil Within' from Zombies, but due to an internet lag, your character is moving out of control. Your character's movement is delayed, so when you click left after noticing a zombie run at you, by the time your character moves left, it's already been eaten by zombies as your character didn't move immediately. What's worse is that you would already have limited ammo in the game, and the inability to move to a clear zone location would lead you to fail your mission and leaving you in a sour mood.

2. Online chat issues with team members

In the world of gaming, one can be isolated from friends and colleagues. This is why chat rooms in online gaming are extremely important. Online chats help games stay updated with new gaming upgrades and make friends with other gamers. Furthermore, if you are also developing relationships via online chat rooms, you also create a team within the game.

Let's say you are playing a mission-based game where you need to answer questions to win powers or other accessories. In such a case, you can always ask a chat buddy for assistance and also help them out in return. But you could miss out on a lot of great opportunities during the game, especially when your screen freezes and you are not able to send out a request for help in time!

3. Miscommunication with team players

As a world has been sinking into virtual conversations, games with built-in voice chats are a new rage. The kicks that such games provide lead to a new level of excitement amongst gamers as they can shout and scream out their emotions at every move for other players to hear.

Guy playing a game

Gamers love to play with their friends and communicate to their teammates the next moves to kill their enemies. But if you are unable to cover your teammates during an enemy invasion and your teammates die because you couldn't hear them in time due to a lagging network can make you a sore player. Gamers who play in teams know how important it is to cover one another's back, and when you are unable to do so, your teammates might not want to play another round with you.

Common reasons for internet lag.

If you are facing a WiFi lag even with the best online game, it could probably be due to two main factors.

1. Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is a measure data that can be transferred from one point in a network to another within a specific amount of time. It usually measures how much data can be downloaded to your device from a server on the internet. Your actual bandwidth may however, often be less than your maximum bandwidth because of network congestion and other external factors. The higher the bandwidth the better is your wifi experience. Hence, Bandwidth management becomes an essential part while gaming.

2. Ping:

The time taken for a request from your network to reach and comes back from the server. For instance, let's say that you are playing a game where you need to slay enemies. You would want to know right away if your character has acted as per your command and killed the enemies immediately. You would not want to wait for your computer to take it's own sweet time to tell you if you're crossing paths with the enemy. This why, the lower the ping, the better is your gaming experience.

Some online games can also put a heavy strain on your network, which can cause reduced network speeds and an increase in ping. Such a combination is the perfect reason to make your game lag.

3. Lower Wifi Signal

It happens very often that wifi connections fluctuate in signal strength and connection rate. This can be due to natural causes or man-made interference. Your Wifi Router might not be in a suitable place or there might be some other interferences as well. To learn more about how to boost your wifi signal, Read this article!

Network interferences can also cause lags. This occurs when other nearby devices also using your WiFi disrupt your gaming console's connection.

What is the best solution for your gaming Wi-Fi router?

Wi-Fi connections can, at times, be quite unstable. If you want a seamless online gaming experience, you need a router that can break through walls, manage your bandwidth and reach out to all corners of your home. The gaming Wi-Fi router you need is here, and it's the best thing to happen to online games since the invention of the wireless internet. Why? It's because this device has a powerful range that will let you enjoy your game without having to worry about lag or dropped connections. You can play any game anywhere in your house without fear of losing connection!

Sif is designed to provide a more affordable and targeted WiFi solution. It aims at extending the internet signal without requiring additional wiring so that you do not need to bother about figuring out complex installation procedures. Furthermore, with the Sif smart app, you can easily earn insights into the number of devices actively connected and split the bandwidth as required, helping you enjoy a seamless high network performance experience!

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