Smart Plugs - The first step for making your home smart

Easy control, hassle-free operations a good connection is everything a smart home can yearn for. Smart Plugs are one of the most affordable and easiest to use smart home devices. They allow us to turn almost all wired appliances with an on/off switch into an automated one that can be controlled by a simple tap on your phone or voice command.

Smart Plugs

What does a Smart Plug do?

Wi-Fi Smart Plugs are a simple way to automate the wired devices in your home. It is very safe to use as long as the outlet is not overloaded. A smart plug socket can turn any of your home appliances into smart products, letting you control them even when you are away from home. They can be controlled remotely, they'll come in handy if you want to turn on an appliance while you are out of the room. A 16 amp smart plug is like a power-point adapter-it fit between your power socket, and the appliance you wish to make smart. Many fascinating and even important things can be done using a smart plug as you can easily plan lucrative surprises by controlling lights and other appliances. It can be set up for less vampire power. Vampire power is power your electronic device uses when they are on standby. It can cut lots of power consumption and your electricity bills. One can easily control the heating and cooling of our room and live in comfort. We can also save our homes from being robbed while we are out by controlling the on and off of our lights. One can easily limit the screen time of children by taking control of Tv.

How to use a Smart Plug? What is the need for wi-fi?

To set it up, all you have to do is plug it into an outlet and then connect it into your Wi-Fi network by following the directions in a compatible app on your phone or tablet. Then you simply plug a wired appliance like a lamp or a fan, into Smart Plug and you will now be able to control them on your phone from wherever you are.

The smart plug may or may not need a wi-fi network. But when the internet is down you might not be able to control your appliances. Most smart devices use little internet or wi-fi bandwidth. There are various benefits of smart plugs like it improves the home network connectivity, helps to monitor the appliances and their energy usage.

What are the benefits of using a Smart Plug?

Smart Plugs are great to add to your home if you are looking to save money on your energy bill. By scheduling feature in the Smart Plug app you can schedule things like your lights so that the energy is not wasted. Smart Plugs also come in handy for keeping your home safe from hazards as they help you switch off the devices that were accidentally left on even when you are not at home.

Applications of Smart Plug

Smart Plug can be used for various appliances like:

Slow Cooker

Sometimes we forget and leave the cooker a little longer on the flames that can end up in roasted and improperly cooked food. Smart Plug will help you control how long food cooks. You can easily flip the cooker off from wherever you are to avoid ending up with rubbery food.

Coffee Maker

With Smart Plug one can schedule our coffee maker to start brewing up the hot morning coffee to make our morning beautiful. It makes it easy and convenient for us to use it.

Air Conditioners

Smart Plugs help us a lot to keep our home at the right temperature. One can easily schedule our heater or an air conditioner unit. We can schedule the heater to turn on right before you get home feel all comfortable as you reach home.

Outdoor Smart Plug

Smart Plugs are not only a savior inside the home but also that outside.  You can easily turn it on and off remotely like the decorative string Diwali lights or the pump that controls the fountain.

Which one is the right smart plug for you?

The market is filled with options when it comes to devices which can be really challenging while choosing the best for us. One needs to consider certain things before choosing a good Smart Plug.

1. Voice Assistant:

One must check it must have this facility so that it is easier to give commands and get the work done.

2. Compatibility:

Compatibility is of paramount importance. we need to consider Compatibility with wall socket, Compatibility with appliance type. Some designs are not well suited for the walls while some support only electric appliances drawing current up to 6A. All heavy electric appliances like geysers draw current from 16A current outlet. So this is important to take care of while buying.

3. Design:

The design is crucial for its usability, reliability, and user experience. If the design is not good it may obstruct the use of its adjacent sockets or switches.

4. Requirement of Hub:

Plugs in the Indian market work either on Zigbee or Z-Wave technologies. It entails that for your smart plug to work on wi-fi, you need to invest in an additional piece of hardware, called Hub. A smart plug that does not needs a hub can save your money

5. Longevity and Warranty period:

If it comes with a good warranty, it is a sign of great build quality and longevity. So it is better to go with a long-term investment.

Are the Smart Plugs doing good and have a bright future?

A smart plug is a smart savior of time, money, and effort. With a smart plug, you can control and even schedule your appliances to turn off or on at the time needed.


  1. Smart plugs are time-saving as they get activated every morning and a particular time. So one does not need to wait.
  2. The risk of leaving appliances plugged in and unattended such as iron or heater  is minimized with these sockets
  3. It helps keep the safety during outings by their scheduled effect of lighting.
  4. With voice assistance, things become quite easy to deal with and one can easily control anything.


  1. They still use electricity even when the appliances are turned off.
  2. They can work with the internet but will be stressed if the internet is down.
  3. They may sometimes go offline when the router changing the 2.4 GHz channel.

The Bottom line

SIF provides us with a network that runs undeterred and provides all appliances an easy and smooth functioning. With no dead zones at any corner of the home, every device has access to a good network with a super flowing network that avoids any disruption, dead connection, or loss of bandwidth. SIF empowers Wi-Fi and makes it easy to maintain and keep an eye on all smart devices that are connected. With its wi-fi it is able to make the experience of taking care of a  smart home quite easy and unhampered.

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