Sif Homes all set to revolutionize the router industry

An increase in the demand for technological development of the wireless connection is deeply driven by the acceptance of a new normal under the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a research report published by verified market research the wireless router market was valued at $571.60 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach $1260.6 million by 2028.

Global Wireless router market trend
Data Source - Verified Market Research

With work from home and online learning becoming the new trend, individual consumers are opting for strong internet solutions. Thus, wireless routers are experiencing a sharp spike in demand. In this article we take a look at the challenges that internet consumers face today, the common solutions at attempt that resolving those challenges and how Sif is the answer to key market trends! Let’s get started.

Existing common solutions that do not work

Almost everyone relies heavily on high-speed internet for work, communication, and entertainment. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the website to load or wait during a video buffer. However, here are a few common solutions we must have all tried at least once and realized that they do not always work.

1. Wifi Extenders

Wifi extenders are used to boost the signal range and expand to areas of the home where the wifi signal is bleak. But there can be serious errors that make the wifi extender not a suitable solution, especially in a huge household. Whether the extender is placed too far away from the main router or the firmware of the extender needs to be updated, Wifi extenders are not always the right solution. Furthermore, configuring a wifi extender would require the help of a team of tech experts. Also, if you are using an older router, chances are it is not compatible with the new smart Wifi extenders.

2. Ethernet cabling all over the home

Another solution to slow internet issues is ethernet cables. But an important aspect to consider is knowing what cable you have and if it is compatible with the product, you are using. A very common occurrence that leads to bad internet is not having the ethernet cable wires in the correct wiring scheme. If you are terminating the cable ends by yourself, you need to keep the scheme in mind. Furthermore, a simple mistake like not plugging the cable all the way in can lead to bad internet. What’s worse is that if your internet still doesn’t work, you would need to install new ethernet cables that hopefully configure and work better for your devices.

Internet problems faced today

The problem with growing spaces is that sometimes the wifi signal is not robust enough to reach out to every inch of your house. The abundance of obstacles like walls has added to the wifi problems we face on a daily basis.

1. Wifi dead spots

A wifi dead spot is an area of your home that does not receive any wifi signal. If you have ever wandered off to a quiet spot in your home and realized that you don’t have a wifi signal, that spot clearly is a dead spot. Your device will lose the wifi signal as soon as you are in a dead spot. Dead spots arise due to the interferences to your wifi radio. This may be because the distance between your wireless router and device is too much, or even obstruction caused by large metal objects like shelves, desks, walls, etc.

2. Wifi speed

Imagine it’s a Sunday evening, and you’re at home with a desire to watch the new season of your favorite show on a live streaming platform. The popcorn is ready. You have made yourself comfortable on the couch. But the loading wheel pops up on the screen, and seconds turn into minutes. Your wifi speed is really slow and has ruined your perfect Sunday night. With the high usage of internet by different members in a home, the wifi speed is bound to be affected, thereby leaving you with a sour experience.

3. Reduced ranges

Wifi boosters and extenders can only boost your wifi networks to a certain extent. You must remember that the lesser the obstacles in your home, the stronger the signal and range of your wifi. But that doesn’t mean you should get rid of all the furniture and the walls of your home. Like we have seen, wifi extenders are not always the right solution to boost the range of your wifi signal.

Sif Homes: A super solution to all these problems

The high demand among individuals to access the internet from all devices in a household has led to an increase in the need for high-speed-performing wireless routers. One such product that is set to revolutionize the router industry is Sif Homes.

What is Sif Homes?

Sif Homes aim at providing fast, reliable, and secure last-meter connectivity for end-users. It solves all the problems of connectivity that millions of users face across the globe. Sif Homes provides convenient solutions that are a powerful combination of powerline technology, multi-protocol radios, and well-designed software. Sif, therefore, offers highly reliable and high-performance home networks that reach every inch of your home – from the basement to the backyard.

Sif Home is currently launching 2 products – Sif Pro and Sif Pro+ which are easy and convenient to use.

What sets Sif apart in the wireless networking space?

Many individuals feel the need to upgrade their Wi-Fi, so they end up buying a new wireless router or choose to upgrade their internet services. But before you can seek such solutions, chances are, Sif Homes can get the job seamlessly without burning a hole in your budget.

1. Bandwidth management with work from home control

The Sif smart app enables you to invite and add devices for which use requires internet connectivity. Furthermore, you can also control the internet usages on each of these devices. For instance, let's say that you require a laptop for work, an iPad for entertainment, and maybe your kids require other devices for online learning. In such a case, with the Sif app, you can reduce the bandwidth for the iPad and use that for your work to process heavier softwares, thereby managing bandwidth according to your need.  You can make the most of this, especially when you need targeted connectivity for certain devices. Take the control of your WIFI and manage bandwidth according to your use to enhance your work from home or online learning experience.

2. Powerline technology and better range coverage

Sif’s powerline technology, on the other hand, is a more targeted solution as it focuses on extending your existing Wi-Fi network through dead areas which may be away from the router or have their signals blocked off by walls. It seamlessly transfers data signals from one device to another, and therefore, boosts your Wi-Fi signal into those tricky areas. You do not need to bother about figuring out complex installation procedures. Sif is best suited for homes where you need to improve the Wi-Fi in dead zone areas or outdoor spots with Sif.

3. Plug and play

Sif provides its users the choice between a fixed node and a portable node. The fixed node plugs directly into a mains power socket and uses your existing router signal to send information through your home’s electrical wiring. The portable node requires a separate power cable for plugging into a nearby power socket. This gives you more freedom in placing Sif in a spot where it works best.

4. Smart home hub

With the Sif smart app, you can easily control other home appliances like a geyser, room heaters, air conditioners, fridge, and much more, all at the touch of a button. The Sif smart app comes with an easy-to-use interface that also lets you invite and add other members. You can easily earn insights into the number of devices actively connected and split the bandwidth as required, helping you move towards a fully smart home.

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