Walls make WiFi weak

Sif offers ultimate last meter connectivity

Works over homes existing electrical wiring, offers upto 1Gbps data speeds, reaches every corner of your home

Millions of people need Sif to solve
WiFi problems at home

You will join us for better wifi and stay for smart home benefits


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WiFi Deadzones

after installing SIF devices

Sif devices extend  WiFi to every room of your home using existing electrical wiring

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Sif Pro

Connectivity Superhero

Multi Protocol Radios gives the small Sif Pro connectivity superpowers. Powerline Modem gives upto 100x data speed in WiFi deadzones. It’s not just a router, it’s your first step to becoming a smarthome user of the future

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Sif Pro+

Connectivity Superhero with Energy Saver mode

All the goodness of Sif pro in a Smartplug form factor. Doesn’t block your sockets. Anything you plug into it will be on your phone too. Connects old appliances to intelligent energy management platform capable of saving upto 20% energy

Use Sif for all your connectivity issues.
Say no to poor video calls, bad gaming experience and low quality educational visual aids.
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How it works

You & your kids can stream stress free now!

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    Optimized for 150+ Apps

  • Video Meetings Icon

    Best Video Meetings on Zoom/Google Classroom

  • Parental Controls Icon

    Parental Controls on a simple app

  • Network Security Icon

    Enhanced network security for remote work needs

Router shouldn’t decide which room gets WiFi

  • Concerete Walls icon

    Concrete Walls make router signal unreliable

  • Boosters and Extenders icon

    Boosters & Extenders don’t work for 95% + people

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    We send WiFi signal over your home’s powerline

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    Unmatched reliability and signal quality

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When we say speed, we mean great gameplay UX

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    No more freezing midway in your Game Play.

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    No more dying in a shooter-Game

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    Never miss your turn in Poker.

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    Improves your gaming experience

What our users say?

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Sif would change the game for home network reliability and securit. It’s the new office network for the new Work From Home world.

By Timothy Chou
(ex-President, Oracle)

What our users say?

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Sif is bringing a class of networking products to the market which eliminates WiFi deadzones in a very solid way. I’m a happy backer and very excited about what the future holds for them

By Daniel Collins

What our users say?

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Sif solves an important WiFi problem for its users. It’s a futuristic product that offers many smart home benefits too!

By Matt Pru
(Founder, Stackmatix)
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